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Turnbridge Manor HOA Board of Directors

The regular and special board meetings are open to owners, subject to the right of the board to adjourn a board meeting and reconvene in closed executive session to consider actions involving personnel, pending or threatened litigation, contract negotiations, enforcement actions, confidential communications with the property owners, associations attorney, matters involving the invasion of privacy of individual owners, or matters that are to remain confidential by request of the affected parties and agreement of the board. Following an executive session, any decision made in the executive session will be summarized orally and placed in the minutes, in general terms, without breaching the privacy of individual owners, violating any privilege,or disclosing information that is to remain confidential at the request of the affected parties. The oral summary will include a general explanation of expenditures approved in executive session.

These meetings will include discussions and decisions regarding routine administrative matters such as common area maintenance. If the agenda is to include discussion on fines; damage assessments; initiation of foreclosure actions; initiation of enforcement actions, excluding assessments; levying of special assessments; appeals from a denial of architecture control approval; or a suspension of a right of a particular owner before the owner has an opportunity to attend a board meeting to present the owners position, including any defense, on the issue; that information is specifically listed under the meeting scheduled.

Homeowners are invited to attend the board meeting open session but will not be participants in the meeting. If a homeowner has an issue to be brought before the board and would like to be included in the meeting agenda a request must be received by 4Sight Property Management at (469) 287-8583 or HOAinformation@4SightPM.com at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled meeting (weekends excluded).

PRESIDENT Brad Henderson Term 2015 - 2018 president@turnbridgemanorhoa.com
TREASURER Andrew Carrigo Term 2015 - 2017 treasurer@turnbridgemanorhoa.com
SECRETARY Curtis Shaw Term 2017 - 2019 secretary@turnbridgemanorhoa.com