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    Architectural Control Committee:

    The primary function of this committee is to assist the Board in regulating the external design, appearance, use and maintenance of neighborhood homes and in interpreting the governance documents.


    Communications Committee:

    The communications committee advises and assists the Board in keeping the community informed of all activities and functions of the association by preparing quarterly newsletters, arranging publicity for community events, informing new residents about the association, important community events, as well as city, state, and county items of interest to homeowners, and publishing a community directory.


    Social/Welcome Committee:

    This committee develops social programs responsive to the needs of the community. Additionally the Committee fosters a cohesive community by organizing fun, interesting events for the entire community so neighbors can meet and socialize with each other and sets up recreation programs for all interests and age groups. Be the first to welcome new people as they move in. Get to know your new neighbors and make them feel at home in your community. Find out what interests they have and what they want to do to get involved in the community association. Monitor the list of new homeowners each month and welcome them to the neighborhood.


    Landscape Committee:

    A landscape committee will help select seasonal color changes, contribute ideas for long and short term landscape improvements and assist the management company in overseeing the landscape contractors maintenance upkeep. Additionally the Committee works to increase property values in the community by educating and encouraging owners in the community to keep their properties well maintained, through articles in newsletters and yard-of-the-month programs. Be the eyes of the community for irrigation problems that require emergency attention.


    Safety/Pool Committee:

    The function of this committee is to organize a neighborhood crime watch and to inform the neighborhood of any criminal activity in the area. The Committee should also enhance safety awareness in the community, take a leadership role in working with local law enforcement, organizing a crime-prevention network of block captains for every street in the neighborhood so that residents may watch out for one another, investigate the latest ideas and trends in both property crimes and crimes against persons and how to prevent those types of crimes in the community, and communicating this information to the community. Committee members serving on the pool are to promote a clean, safe, functional environment by working with 4Sight to communicate about what is happening at the pool/amenities. To make sure that only residents and guests of residents are using the pool in a manner that is safe which allows all residents to enjoy the pool.