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A Friendly Reminder Regarding Exterior Changes To Your Property

5/22/2018 5:38:10 PM

This is being sent to all residents of Turnbridge Manor HOA as an FYI. If you are not doing any exterior changes, please disregard.

We have noticed a considerable amount of changes happening throughout the neighborhood, which typically are improvements to help keep the neighborhood looking nice. However, ALL EXTERIOR CHANGES require HOA approval. And this approval should happen PRIOR to any construction. Some common items that need HOA approval include; roof replacements, flowerbeds/borders, and fences (staining/replacement). These are just a few.

Please see the linked form. If you have recently done, or plan to do any of these items, or other changes, to the exterior of your property, please complete the attached form and send it back to the email provided on the form. The ACC Committee has 30 days to review your request, so plan accordingly. The website also contains helpful information, including suggested colors for fence stain, as well as trim and shutter color guides.

Click here to download and complete the Turnbridge ACC Form

Turnbridge Manor HOA

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